Briefly comment on how you use GPS data in your photography, or how you might use it if you had the gear and software.

Briefly comment on how you use GPS data in your photography, or how you might use it if you had the gear and software.
Yes, I use GPS now.

22% (45 votes)
No, I have never used GPS data and am really not interested.

59% (119 votes)
I need to learn more about it.

18% (37 votes)
Total votes: 201

Jim Arnold's picture

I have five GPS receivers and haven't used one with a camera yet. Guess I'm behind the curve on this one.

Joe S.'s picture

Skewed poll. How about, I have never used it, I know a lot about it, but haven't bought it yet.

Al Currie's picture

I would love to have it, plan to get it in my next cam. Have GPS hand units. Would love to find a way to include it in the exif.

Gidget's picture

i think its a fantastic idea, as in any given day I may be in 20 different locations and I feel it would be handy to be able to look back and know exactly where I shot something.

Polly's picture

Recently unemployed, I just started taking pictures for fun. I never even heard of it.

Jeff Signorini's picture

I'm very interested but haven't found a hot shoe mount to work with Canon.

Milt Green's picture

No. However, I may in the future.

Daniel Weil's picture

I think GPS would be very good, especially for travel photography. I would love to have it on my camera, but it costs too much to add it into my Nikons.

Cecil Kelley's picture

You'd have to do an awful lot of traveling to many different destinations to use this, in my opinion. I don't think most of your readers need it.

George Sass's picture

I am a photo journalist for the boating industry and shoot many different cruising destinations. I use a di-GPS on my Nikon D200, and it works beautifully. With Nikon's ViewNX as part of my workflow, I can quickly identify the exact location of remote coves and anchorages long after I return to my studio.

Phyllis Petrosky's picture

Yes, I think it's great! I have a Nikon GP-1 attached to my D700 and I use it all the time. I like it. It's fun.

Christine Pincince's picture

If there were an easy way to connect a GPS unit that also could be sued for driving or maybe on a phone I would buy that unit. I would love to have GPS meta data for my shots.

Craig S.'s picture

It's great when traveling and you don't remember all the places photos were taken.

David's picture

GPS in a still camera doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Norm Schultze's picture

Most of the GPS taggers are clunky and cumbersome. The foolography "unleashed" appears useful. But does it work?

Steve's picture

Would like a camera with GPS in it. One that is not high priced but still takes good photos and logs GPS location.

David Hurt's picture

I don't need GPS or Video on a camera. If I want video, I would buy something like the Canon HV40.

Larry McAuley's picture

I think that is an excellent help in shooting if you shoot a lot of exterior, landscape or 'in the wilds' type photography.

Chuck Wilson's picture

I want a device that works with the Canon D-SLR system and RAW files. I'm not convinced that the right system is out there yet.

M.  Alvarez's picture

Not certain we need to complicate picture taking any more.

F.  Field's picture

Diddling with GPS in cameras takes gadget-itis to a new level and takes the user one more step away from focusing on capturing great images.

William Stonecipher's picture

I make handwritten notes when I make my images. I also am a firm believer in real paper maps, rather than e-maps. Much easier to use, especially in areas with poor signal.

Nevada Chuck's picture

Age and physical limitations keep me within a hundred miles of my home.

Dennis Leser's picture

I don't understand the necessity unless you are doing police or geographic exploration photos.

David Patria's picture

I organize all my photos by shooting day/trip. I have never needed to know the exact location to within feet.

Joel Wolfson's picture

I shoot on location and teach photography workshops all over the country as well as overseas. Having geotagging built into my cameras would be an immense boon. I often need specific location information both for my workshop locations and stock clients. It would be great to have it automatically stored in metadata as I shoot. By the way I found your previous review of stand-alone geotagging devices very informative. Now if we can just get them built into cameras...

Anonymous's picture

I already know where I am when I'm there.

Andy Entrekin's picture

I geotag images so I can look back later and see exactly where they were taken. For events, this can help me remember where the best place to set up is.

Bill Porter's picture

I would use GPS if my cameras had it, but my camera are old and I can't afford to upgrade.

Gary L.  Bickel's picture

Waiting on the price to drop.