The Breathtaking Winners of the “Fabulously Photogenic” Photo Challenge

The 'Fabulously Photogenic' moments were brought to life in our recent photography challenge, hosted by Shutterbug and Gurushots. We asked photographers to share with us the moments that make them want to stop time and savor the beauty of life. The submissions were truly breathtaking, capturing everything from the golden hour to intimate portraits and laughter between friends.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of this photo challenge, whose images will be showcased to a huge audience of photography enthusiasts. Shutterbug is dedicated to helping photographers enhance their creative skills and provides an excellent opportunity for the winners to gain recognition and expand their audience.

The winning photographs stood out for their exceptional composition, lighting, and ability to capture the essence of Fabulously Photogenic moments. We were blown away by the talent and creativity on display, and we believe that these photographers truly captured the beauty of life through their lenses.

We are delighted to announce that many of you accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm and gave it your all. Once we received all the submissions, we put each image through a rigorous voting process to select the winners. Eventually, three winners were chosen in three categories: Top Photographer, Top Photo, and Guru's Top Pick.

Below, we have showcased the winning images, along with seven runner-ups. Additionally, a slideshow gallery featuring the rest of the runners-up in the "Fabulously Photogenic" challenge can be found at the end of this post.

Winning Images 

Tiago SA, United States - Top Photographer

Tiago SA, United States - Top Photographer

Unnamed, Greece - Top Photo

Kathrins, Germany - Guru's Top Pick


Runners Up 

Susana Muñoz, Italy

Hagit Alkalai, Israel

Carina Wrangskog, Sweden

Mirza Cengic, Macedonia

Mahmoud Ahmed, Egypt

Freya Renders, Belgium

Sébastien Chareyre, France