Break These 6 Bad Habits in Photography! (VIDEO)

Photographer Peter McKinnon has been on a roll this week. Yesterday, we shared his insanely popular "DSLR Photos vs Smartphone Shots" video, and today's he's already got another fun and helpful photography tutorial up on his YouTube channel.

Titled "6 Bad Habits in Photography," McKinnon shares what he's learned (for better or worse) as a photographer, and how to immediately change the things that aren't working.

"I pulled these bad habits from myself and from my immediate circle of friends and filmmakers," McKinnon says. "These are things that we agreed, as a collective, are things you should not do, or you should get out of the habit of doing. It's important to say though, that bad habits and mistakes are different. There's a very fine line from saying that's a bad habit, that's something I wish I knew, that's knowledge I wish I had when I started."

His point is that you can change bad habits in photography right away, by just being aware that you're doing them and stopping yourself. Here are McKinnon's six bad habits in photography and watch the video learn how to break them:

#1 Refusing to Shoot in Less than Ideal Conditions

#2 Not Shooting Enough Photos

#3 Deleting In-Camera

#4 Referencing the LCD Screen Too Much

#5 Not Off-Loading Your Memory Card Immediately After Shooting

#6 Assuming You Have All Your Gear in Your Pack

So, check out the video below and get out of your rut today! And then go visit McKinnon's YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to receive all his awesome video content.