Is This the Best Way to Hold a Camera? One Photographer Shares His Unique Handgrip Hack

We're not entirely sure how serious photographer Dani Diamond is in the below video titled "MUST WATCH: The Correct Way to Hold a Camera," but we appreciate his moxie. In the short humorous clip, Diamond shares his unique technique for holding a DSLR.

"I'm going to show you a new way to hold your camera, no strain on your wrist, only use one hand so you can hold a reflector as well," Diamond says while noting that the traditional way most photographers hold their cameras puts strain on the wrist when shooting vertically.

"It may seem crazy," he says about his technique. "And not normal and awkward at first, but you try it a couple times and I guarantee you're going to be doing this at all times."

As we noted, we're not sure how serious Diamond is, and you may guffaw at some of his commentary, but that seems, at least partially, to be the point. Be sure to stick around to the 1:30 mark where he shows how to hold a reflector, shoot and do a dance at the same time. Classic!

Via ISO 1200