This Is the BEST Shutter Speed for Photographing WATERFALLS and SEASCAPES

We've shared tips on how to photograph waterfalls previously, but we've never had such specific waterfall photography how-to as the one below from landscape photographer Mark Denney. In the tutorial, Denney shares what he says is the best shutter speed to use for photographing waterfalls and seascapes.

"Identifying a universal combination of camera settings that would apply to any and all outdoor photographic situations is pretty much impossible, but what I’ve found works best for me is to understand what the end in mind is for a particular composition," Denney says. "Now when it comes to waterfall and seascape photography, the single most important component to the camera settings you dial in has to do with the shutter speed you choose."

In the video below, Denney walks you through a process he says "completely transformed" the way he selects his shutter speed for waterfall and seascape photography.

"When I first got into landscape photography, I didn't pay much attention to the shutter speeds I chose, but after walking through the process in this video, my outlook on shutter speed was completely changed forever," he says. "The impact that the shutter speed you use has on your photograph cannot be overstated."

Watch the video below and try Denney's recommended shutter speed settings for photographing waterfalls and seascapes this week or weekend if you can. Go visit his channel for more great landscape photography tips. If you're looking for more advice on photographing waterfalls, read our story on Everything You Need to Know When Photographing Waterfalls: 6 Tips and go out there and get wet!