The BEST Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras for ANY Budget & Purpose in 2022 (VIDEO)

Unless you have unlimited funds and room for a closet full of gear, choosing a new camera is a really important decision that requires very careful research. As you’ll see in the video below, a bit of help from an experienced pro can greatly facilitate the process and help you make an informed choice.

There’s plenty to consider when purchasing a new camera, including whether you want to stick with a DSLR or go mirrorless if you haven’t already made the switch. You’ll also have to decide between full-frame and mirrorless models.

If you already have a selection of favorite glass, you may want to stick with the brand you already own to avoid the necessity of purchasing a new arsenal of lenses. And if you’re like the many us in these difficult times, your budget may be a limiting factor.

But perhaps the most important consideration when purchasing a new camera is the type of photography you do most. Are you a landscape shooter who values high resolution over other criteria? Do you shoot sports or other forms of action photography for which focusing and continuous shooting speed is high on your list? Or do you concentrate on portraiture, macro, wildlife, or travel photography?

Regardless of your answers to the key questions above, this episode from the popular Tony & Chelsea Northrup YouTube channel will be a big help, as Tony provides his top picks for different types of photography with choices from $300 to $6,000. You can find pricing information and links to the cameras on his list in the description beneath the video.

Northup divides his choices into six categories to simplify your decision: He looks at general purpose cameras, as well as the best choices for Vlogging, landscapes, sports, portraiture, and wildlife photography. There are also time stamps in the description beneath the video, so you can jump straight to the style of camera that interests you most.

You can find more great advice on the Tony & Chelsea Northrup YouTube channel, so be sure and pay a visit. And check out the timely tutorial we posted from another pro recently, explaining how to make enchanting landscape photos of snowy winter scenes.