Become a Better Street Photographer by Learning How to Take Photos of Strangers (VIDEO)

Many street shooters have an obstacle to overcome before they can master the craft, and that’s getting over a feeling of shyness when photographing strangers. Making photos on the street is all about capturing fleeting moments—you see something awesome, but if you don’t act fast, it’s gone. And if you’re beset by reticence, and tend to hesitate, you’ll often miss a great shot

In this quick tutorial from our friends at Mango Street, you’ll learn several tips for becoming confident on the street, and with a bit of practice, your fear of photographing strangers will be a thing of the past. Eric Floberg is professional portrait and wedding photographer, and in the video below he takes you on a four-minute walk in his hometown of Chicago, to show you how it’s done.

One of Floberg's tips is to find an interesting location, set up your shot, and simply wait for someone to walk into the frame. He also suggests using small apertures for greater depth of field, and explains how captivating images often result from photographing people blending in or interacting with the environment.

Above all, Floberg says, “Don’t be afraid: You’ll get more bold as you go on.” He also says that if you’re not making a discreet candid photo, it helps to ask a subject for permission to shoot their portrait.

You can find more helpful tips on the Mango Street YouTube channel, and see Floberg’s work on his website. And be sure to look at another Mango Street tutorial we posted, with custom camera settings that will help you avoid missing a shot.