The Bag Man Reviews the Strapsafe 100 Luggage Belt From Pacsafe

Let’s face it, air travelers. Takeoffs and landings in cataclysmic weather are a breeze compared to waiting for your bags to appear on the luggage carousal. Did your unlocked bag survive the flight without rupturing along the seams? Was it opened for inspection? And who would have thought that 14 other passengers checked black American Tourister Fieldbrook luggage sets identical to yours? Sound real? Then check out this Strapsafe Luggage Belt from Pacsafe.

If you lock your suitcase before checking it with the airline, you might regret it. TSA is mandated by Federal law to screen 100% of checked baggage. Bags may need to be opened during this process, and if they are locked—tough luck—unless you use one of the locks that the TSA has certified. TSA officers have keys that open these special locks. Buy the right lock and you can lock your bags.

The problem with that solution is twofold. Most suitcases—mine anyway—don’t have hasps or latches that accept padlocks. And even though I trust that no one else in the world has a copy of those special TSA keys (because criminals would never stoop so low) I feel better with a remedy that’s a bit stronger.

You can literally wrap up this problem—and a couple others—with a Strapsafe 100 TSA-accepted luggage belt. It’s a two-inch wide Polypropylene web belt with an approved three-digit combination lock that features an LED that glows if the TSA (or anyone else) has opened it. It’s adjustable but cannot be loosened when locked thanks to Pacsafe’s proprietary Baggage Constrictor technology.

Priced at $25 (Amazon), the Strapsafe comes in highly visible (think police barricade tape) colors that allow you to easily identify your bag when it appears on the luggage conveyer. That solves problem number two. It’s mildew, water and UV resistant—and it’s strong, so your aging suitcase is less likely to spill its innards after a roundtrip of rough handling.

The men and women of the TSA have a tough job, and from my perspective they’re doing an excellent job enforcing rules intended to keep all travelers safer. This product may help keep your luggage a bit safer, and it complies with all of the rules. With summer vacation season approaching, the Strapsafe makes a great gift for the travelers in your life.

—Jon Sienkiewicz

marknie123's picture

All i would need is a sharp pocket knife to get into this. I don't see the value in this at all. Stupid idea.

Jon Sienkiewicz's picture

Stupid? That's harsh, no? Haven't you ever heard, "Locks are made to keep honest people honest?" If you are a REAL knife-wielding thug, why not cut the bag?