Avoid These 7 Common Photography Myths for Better Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

Not only are rules meant to be broken, but there are a number of common misconceptions about landscape photography you need to ignore—at least under certain circumstances. Today we’ll explain when you should be a maverick, and show you some gorgeous photos in the process.

Mads Peter Iversen is an acclaimed nature photographer and popular instructor. In the tutorial below he plays the role of myth buster while shooting epic images at the largest fjord in Denmark, and in the country’s stunning Thy National Park—both of which are great locations for landscape and wildlife photography.

Iversen begins by debunking the myth that Manual Mode is always best choice because it provides full control over your camera. He gives a brief explanation of how a camera’s light meter arrives at a “proper” exposure, and notes that the meter measures the light in the same fashion whether you’re shooting in Manual, Aperture Priority, or one of your camera’s other metering modes.

When in comes to exposure, the trick is knowing how to interpret the camera’s meter reading, regardless of the mode you use, and Iversen demonstrates why an automatic mode can sometimes deliver superior results.

Other popular myths debunked in the video include the notion that Golden Hour is always the best time to shoot landscape photos. Dispelling the idea that great photography has to be technically difficult, Iversen refutes the misconception that a camera’s HDR Mode should always be avoided.

For complete details on these and other misunderstandings about landscape photography all you have to do is watch the video. Then head over to Iversen’s YouTube channel for more great advice. And check out another tutorial of his we posted, with 7 tips for shooting epic landscape photos in boring locations.