Attention to Detail is the Key to Spectacular Nature Photography (VIDEO)

Whenever we feature the beautiful imagery of British nature photographer Simon Baxter we’re struck by his thoughtful, cerebral approach to our craft and the remarkable patience he exhibits in an attempt to get just the shot he’s after.

In this inspiring tutorial you’ll follow Baxter through a densely-wooded area near his home on the edge of England’s beautiful North York Moors National Park, as he deals with unanticipated heavy fog, stifling humidity, and light winds while searching for the perfect shot.

What’s particularly interesting about this video is the opportunity to hear Baxter articulate his inner thoughts while adapting to ever-changing conditions during the creative process. His amazing attention to detail may be the big takeaway for those pursuing beautiful landscape images.

You can find more from Baxter on his YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our earlier story in which he explains why great composition, patience, and perseverance always win the day.