Are Your Photos Too Bright or Too Dark? Here's How to Fix That Instantly (VIDEO)

It's one of the most aggravating but basic problems in photography: your images turn out either too bright or too dark. But how do you fix this fundamental problem? Photography is, after all, the process of recording light.

It's actually quite easy, according to photographer Mark Hemmings.

"In many cases, your camera thinks it's found the perfect brightness level, but you can see that it's actually way off for the type of photo that you want," Hemmings explains in the below video. "You can, of course, fix this with complicated manual settings but today I'll show you a much quicker and easier way. It won't take you more than adjusting one dial to get the correct brightness level in your photos even in tricky lighting conditions. You'll be able to take perfectly exposed photos, which is often the difference between good and great images."

In the below photography tutorial, Hemmings shows you how "to master Exposure Compensation and take beautifully-lit photos that will leave your friends and family speechless."

Watch as he shows you how to quickly and easily adjust exposure compensation, so you can capture an image that's neither too bright nor too dark, but just right. Then go visit his Youtube channel for more great tutorials.