Are You Using the WRONG Shutter Speed for Landscape Photography? (VIDEO)

Landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen has a message for beginners: stop using the wrong shutter speed! But how can you tell if you're using the wrong shutter speed for landscapes? In the below video, he explains what you may be doing wrong and how to get it right.

"It is important to get the shutter speed right when you do landscape photography," Iversen says. "In this video, I'll show you how to not get it wrong and share my philosophy in regard to shutter speed, long exposures, and flowing water in landscape photography."

But, as he notes early on, there's nothing wrong with making a few mistakes as a beginner. He was one too not that long ago.

"Back when I started out in landscape photography, I just slapped a 10-stop filter on the front of my lens and long exposed everything: two minutes, three minutes, the longer the better," Iversen admits. "Today, I'm a little bit more deliberate about when I use the long effect for landscape photography."

In the video, Iversen discusses different shooting scenarios and how he determines which shutter speed to choose. And, as usual, he shows off his stunning photos to explain the effects different speeds have on images. Here's a breakdown of the five instructional chapters in the nearly 19-minute free tutorial.

#1 How Shutter Speed Works

#2 When Shutter Speed Doesn't Matter

#3 Around the Sea

#4 In Dark Areas

#5 At Waterfalls and Streams

Watch it below and then visit Iverson's awesome channel to see all his landscape photography tips. If you're interested in capturing long exposures, here's another helpful video from him on how shoot them without costly ND filters.