Are These the 9 Worst Habits in Landscape Photography? (VIDEO)

What are the worst habits in landscape photography? Outdoor photographer Mark Denney thinks he knows, at least for himself, and he's posted the below video sharing nine bad habits he thinks landscape photographers should avoid.

"I don't want to speak for anyone else, but these are the nine worst habits that have negatively impacted my landscape photography over the years," Denney says."I've gotten a bit better at some of these and others I do just about every time I pick up my camera. Some of these bad photo habits I didn't even realize I was doing until someone brought them to my attention and now I can't stop noticing them."

Here are the "9 deadly sins" of landscape photography, according to Denney, that he discusses in the video:

#9 Quick Edits

#8 Single Lens Shooting

#7 Not Chimping Enough

#6 Avoiding "Bad" Weather

#5 Lazy Lens Changing

#4 Sleeping In

#3 Pixel Peeping

#2 Fix It in Post

#1 Sensory Overload

"The first step in resolving bad photo habits is first to identify what they are and then work towards a resolution, but that's much easier said than done as I've been working on mine for years with little to no progress," he adds.

Check it out below and let us know if you agree or disagree or want to add a few bad habits of your own. Then go visit and subscribe to Denney's excellent YouTube channel.