Add Impact and Drama to Your Landscape Photos with These Easy Composition Techniques (VIDEO)

Marcus McAdam is a professional landscape photographer from one of the world’s most picturesque locations—Scotland’s Isle of Skye, which offers everything from mountainous terrain and intimate fishing villages to medieval castles. The helpful 6-minute video below is the third in a series by McAdam that will definitely make you a better landscape photographer.

In this installment of McAdam’s “10 Step Guide to Landscape Photography,” you’ll learn several of his easy-to-follow compositional techniques guaranteed to enhance the visual impact of your images. In addition, three members of McAdam’s team jump in to offer some advice of their own.

The first video in the series was devoted to finding the best location for your shoot, while #2 explained how to choose the optimum viewpoint from which to photograph. You can watch both, as well as other instructional videos, on McAdam’s YouTube channel. And check out his website to see more of this work.