9 Top Tips for Summer Travel & Nature Photos (VIDEO)

Summer isn’t typically the favorite season for serious landscape photographers, in part because of early sunrises and late sunsets. If that sounds familiar, and you prefer to shoot in autumn and winter, this tutorial may help you fall in love with outdoor photography during summer.

In this episode from one of our favorite landscape photographers and instructors, you’ll pick up nine helpful tips, and hopeful a bit of inspiration, for photographing the great outdoors in summer. As Danish pro Mads Peter Iversen says, “overcoming the obstacles of summer photography is well worth the effort.”

If you struggle with photography this time of year, Iversen recommends you begin by avoiding scenes with subjects that reveal the season. Instead, he recommends making images that could have been shot anytime throughout the year, and he provides images illustrating what he means.

When it comes to making the most of summer-specific subject matter, Iversen discusses how to shoot compelling images of flowers, foliage, local features, and other recognizable subjects of the season. He also demonstrates the value of using a long lens with a wide aperture to capture intimate details without distracting background elements.

Iversen also has a few suggestions for shooting rural lands in summer, and how forest photography can be absolutely stunning when taking advantage of backlighting and the angle of the sun throughout the day.

Other topics include tips for photographing dramatic summer storms, how to deal with featureless skies, and much more. So take a close look, put on some sunscreen, and give these tips a try.

You can find more helpful advice on Iversen’s YouTube channel, and in another story we posted with a Lightroom trick for giving daytime landscape photos a warm sunset look.