9 Tips That Will Help You Capture Tack Sharp Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

It almost goes without saying: one of the most critical things in landscape photography is image sharpness. In fact, go on any web gallery or Internet forum where landscape photographers share their images and you’ll see endless debates about whether an image is sharp enough.

Had some of these debates taken place in the real world instead of Internet chat rooms, we wouldn’t be surprised to see landscape photographers come to blows about the issue of image sharpness. It really is that important to some folks.

But how does one achieve the right sharpness in a landscape photo? Well, there are many basic tips that will help you get sharper images. Ross Hoddinott of Nature TTL shares nine of his in the how-to video below.

“As a landscape photographer I want my images to be sharp, front to back,” Hoddinott says. “There’s a variety of ways that we can employ to ensure our images are really, really pin sharp. And today I want to show you those things and help you achieve bitingly sharp images, consistently.”

Below are the nine tips that Hoddinott discusses in the below video, which he calls “Where to Focus and How to Take Sharp Landscape Photos”:

#1 Always Use a Tripod

#2 Turn Off Stabilization

#3 Choose the Right Aperture

#4 Beware of Defraction

#5 Choosing Where to Focus

#6 Hyperfocal Distance

#7 Double Distance Focusing

#8 Focus Stacking

#9 Eliminate Camera Shake

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