9 Easy Tips for Better Portrait Photos (VIDEO)

If you've got a portrait session this weekend, here's a great video with some simple tips on how to shoot better portrait photos. The tutorial is led by photographer Jamie Windsor and includes nine of his favorite tips for shooting portraits.

Here are Windor's tips, which he discusses and demonstrates in the video below:

1. Trust your gut feelings

2. Make the eyes your focus

3. The background

4. Lighting

5. Posing your subject

6. Learn to not care

7. Best portrait lenses — which lens to choose

8. Know the law (I give specific advise for UK law, check the laws in your own country)

9. Taking your time

Watch the tutorial and then go visit Windor's YouTube channel for more helpful photography videos. If you want more portrait photography how-tos, here's a link to all of our latest tutorials.