8 Non-Typical Landscape Photography Tips from 3 Full-Time Photographers

Photographer and YouTuber Chris Hau teams up with two full-time professional landscape photographers to offer up eight “non-typical” landscape photography tips.

Sound intriguing? We think so too.

In the below video, Hau is joined on location in Iceland by landscape photographers Jason Charles Hill and Gunnar Freyer, who goes by the Instagram handle Icelandic Explorer.

“I feel like when you’re around these people you learn so many new things,” Hau explains on the reasoning behind the video. “And I feel like I’ve increased my skillset as a photographer just by talking with these guys and I want to share those tips with you.”

Here are the eight landscape photography tips that Hill, Freyer and Hau share in the below video (plus some bonus tips):

#1 Use People

#2 Use Two Camera Bodies & Two Lenses

#3 Use Apps

#4 Shoot in Any Light

#5 Seize the Moment

#6 Put the Camera Down & Listen

#7 Shoot Above or Below

#8 Build Relationships & Research

Bonus Tip 1: Create Unconventional Panoramas

Bonus Tip 2: Use Google Maps to Scout Locations

Bonus Tip 3: Turn Around

Bonus Tip 4: Use a Portrait or Telephoto Lens

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