8 Great Street Photography Tips on How to Frame and Compose Images in the City (VIDEO)

If you want to shoot street photography but don’t know quite where to begin, here’s a great tutorial from our friends at COOPH on how to capture your local urban landscape. In the video below, Olympus Visionary Niklas Nischke teams up with COOPH to share his “8 tips for framing and composing in the city.”

While shooting buildings and architecture seems easy, what’s not easy is getting interesting shots. In the short 3.5-minute clip, Nischke hits the streets in Munich, Germany with his  Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III mirrorless camera and offers eight tips for capturing the city in unique and eye-catching ways.

Here are the main points that Nischke demonstrates in the video:

#1 Landscapes

#2 Shoot Shadows

#3 Formulaic Patterns

#4 Irregular Patterns

#5 Use Negative Space

#6 Leading Lines

#7 Urban Backdrops

#8 Foreground Frames

You can see more inspirational photography videos from COOPH on their YouTube channel. If you like street photography, here’s a video showing five common mistakes to avoid during your next photo walk.