8 FUN Landscape Photography HACKS that Really Work (VIDEO)

Everyone loves camera hacks, especially if they result in better images. So prepare for some fun, as one of favorite landscape photographers demonstrates eight functional hacks that work wonders for landscape photography.

Photographer Mark Denney credits his passion for making great landscapes to a long-held love of the great outdoors. Unlike most of his tutorials we post, involving shooting and image-editing techniques, this episode is all about several tricks that you’ll definitely want to try on your next excursion.

Unlike some other photo hack videos that are more entertaining than functional, those covered here will actually enable you to take better photos. Some involve your camera, while others pertain to what you might loosely call “accessories.” Denney begins with one of his favorite hacks, involving a small bungee cord.

Denney has a trick for protecting your tripod when it’s used in the water, and another using a cheap shower cap. The next tip involves using the oft-ignored polarizing filter. Denny rarely leaves home without one because, in this words, ”There are so many ways a polarizer can improves a scene.”

There are a few hacks for those looking for technical tips, including “dragging the shutter,” and making vertical telephoto panorama photos. You’ll also learn a simple exposure trick for adding sun stars to your images. And Denney provides a complete list of his preferred landscape photography gear in the description beneath the video.

For complete details on these and Denney’s other hacks, spend 13 minutes watching the video, then go out and have some fun. And be sure to visit his YouTube channel for more shooting and editing techniques.

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