7 Ways to Take BETTER Photos Faster (VIDEO)

Yes, landscape photography can be a slow, contemplative process that can take hours and hours before you capture a true "keeper" photo. But part of that is because photographers spend a lot of their on-location photo shoots wasting time, according to landscape pro Mark Denney in the below video.

"In this week’s episode, we discuss why you should stop wasting time doing this with your photography," Denney says.

"This is probably a carryover from my many years spent in the corporate world, but I'm always striving to be as efficient and productive as possible with my time and when I'm on-location, it isn't any different. Looking at the way I operate now when I'm on-location versus the way I used to work when I was first starting, well to say it's a bit different would be an understatement.

In the below video, Denney shares seven tips that have helped him to be "substantially more productive on-location." He explains that it's not just about being efficient, it's about being effective as photographer.

"This has put me in a position to bring home more keepers which is always a good thing for the overall health of your photography," he notes. Watch below as he explains and demonstrates these seven time-saving photography tips for when shooting on location.

#1 Handheld Starter

#2 Don't Hammer Away

#3 Comp Altering

#4 Changing Conditions

#5 Scene within a Scene

#6 Work It!

#7 Explore Before

Check it out below and make sure to visit and subscribe to Denney's excellent YouTube channel.