7 Ways to Become a MUCH Better Landscape Photographer in Just 13 Minutes (VIDEO)

What if we could wave a magic wand and turn you into a much better landscape photographer in the next 13 minutes? Unfortunately we’re unable to do that, but we can help you dramatically up your game with the following seven tips from a top pro.

British landscape photographer Nigel Danson says “my aim is to inspire others with landscape photography tips and tricks,” and he does exactly that in the video below. Like all of us, Danson made a bunch of mistakes in the early days while refining his skills. And in this tutorial he offers several tips and tricks he learned along the way that made a huge difference in his photography.

According to Danson, many budding photographers fail to become intimately familiar with their cameras. As result, when they go out shooting they’re often preoccupied with camera settings and other technical matters instead of concentrating on composition and other artistic concerns. He urges you to study your camera until its inner workings become second nature, so you can forget about all that while making images.

Danson says his skills grew rapidly once he realized the importance of constantly striving to do things differently, by experimenting with unusual camera angles, a variety of focal lengths, and unconventional exposure settings. He says this approach keeps you fresh, and “expands the arsenal of your creativity.”

Other important tips include keeping compositions as simple as possible and doing your shooting at different times of day from dawn until dusk—even at high noon. He also stresses the importance of improving your editing skills so you can go back and refine images you shot in the past.

So check out the video to learn more about these and Danson’s other tips and tricks, and start becoming a better photographer today. There are more helpful videos on Danson’s YouTube channel, and in a recent tutorial we posted with seven more landscape tips from another top pro.