7 Lightroom Tricks and Shortcuts from Landscape Photographer Toma Abonciu (VIDEO)

Yesterday we shared a Lightroom video demonstrating why one top pro insists, ”Every photographer should be using Lightroom.” Today, in the tutorial below, landscape photographer Toma Abonciu (aka Photo Tom) reveals 7 Lightroom secrets for making the most of this powerful tool.

Abonciu’s tips and shortcuts are designed to streamline your workflow and achieve great results in the quickest way possible. He demonstrates how to activate an overlay mask enabling you view different compositional rules as you crop a photo; the best way to view the before-and-after results of your edits; how to selectively copy settings from one image to another; and much more.

You can find more helpful tutorials on Abonciu’s YouTube channel. And if you missed yesterday’s story explaining why another pro says every photographer should use Lightroom, be sure to take a look.