7 Landscape Photography Composition Tips that Go Beyond the Rule of Thirds (VIDEO)

Most experienced photographers are familiar with the Rule of Thirds and how it can help to create interesting image composition. There's a lot more to composing a photo than just the Rule of Thirds though.

In the below video, Toma Bonciu, aka Photo Tom, shares seven landscape photography tips that go beyond the basic Rule of Thirds.

"Composition in landscape photography is a way to 'arrange' nature's elements in some order by the way you frame the photo and the purpose is to help support a subject or a point of interest in your photo," Bonciu says. "Here are seven tips, beyond the simple rule of thirds, that have more to do with the aesthetics of composition in photography."

#1 Identify the point of interest

#2 The Principle of Simplicity

#3 Light can form compositional lines

#4 Movement should be suggested

#5 Set the mood

#6 Fewer elements even with a wide-angle lens

#7 Tell a story

Check out Bonciu's video below where he explains these tips and then go visit and subscribe to his helpful Photo Tom YouTube channel.