7 Easy Hacks for Better Street Photographs (VIDEO)

Street photography can be intimidating and difficult for those new to the genre. That’s because the urban landscape tends to be confusing, with pedestrians and cars moving rapidly, and often complicated light.

Fortunately, there are ways to make order out of chaos, as you’ll see in the following tutorial with seven street photography hacks that will greatly simplify your next shoot. By employing these techniques, you’ll feel like an expert in no time.

Evan Ranft is an Atlanta pro, acclaimed for his cityscape and landscape photography. He’s also one of our favorite online instructors, with a knack for making complex photo assignments simple. In the video below, he demonstrates his seven favorite tips for creating great street photos that are striking and realistic.

Ranft describes how to find the most dramatic light, and take advantage of the contrast between bright buildings and nearby deep shadows. He also discusses exposure and focusing, explains why a zoom lens can be your best friend, illustrates how to frame a shot with compelling composition, and more.

You can find more helpful tutorials on Ranft’s YouTube channel. And be sure to look at yesterday’s story, with great tips for shooting portraits on the street.