6 Secrets to Shooting and Editing Beautiful Sunset Photos

We've been featuring tutorials on how to shoot sunsets this week because it's a great way to practice your photography while getting outdoors and maintaining a safe social distance from your fellow humans. You can photograph sunsets just about anywhere and you don't need to be near anyone to do it.

On Monday, Rick Sammon shared his "top 10 tips for photographing gorgeous sunrises and sunsets," and now in the below tutorial, pro photographer and Lightroom expert Serge Ramelli explains his "6 secrets for shooting and retouching sunsets with drama."

"The idea is to have a maximum of saturation and impact," Ramelli says. Here are his six sunset secrets, which he explains in the video below:

1. Underexpose slightly your photos

2. Use a tripod and shoot at 100 ISO

3. If you don’t have a tripod shoot at 1/40 of a sec

4. Look for clouds or shoot right into the sun

5. Play with local white balance to make it pop, but don’t overdo it

6. Use my free presets as a starting point

So, check it out and then get out of the house – you need it! – and go shoot some sunsets (by yourself, of course). Then go check out Ramelli's channel for more easy and helpful photography tutorials.

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