6 Nature Photography Tips From 6 Iconic Masters (VIDEO)

We regularly share tutorials from Romanian outdoor pro Toma Bonciu, and this eye-opening episode is a bit different than his typical fare. That’s because the six tips he provides come from six of the world’s great classic landscape photographers.

One reason Bonciu’s work is constantly evolving is that he continually studies the work of great photographers and painters. This not only provides him with an ongoing source of inspiration, but it gives him fresh ideas than he can apply to his own work.

In the unique video below Bonciu explains what he’s learned from studying the imagery of Ansel Adams, Clyde Butcher, Takeshi Mizukoshi, Bill Brandt, Brett Weston, and Michel Kenna. Bonciu doesn’t mimic the work of these masters directly, but rather he incorporate bits and pieces from each to his personal style.

Bonciu is adamant that a key element for all photographers should be “a constant preoccupation” with studying great imagery from past and present luminaries. And if an accomplished pro like Bonciu can do this, you should too.

The beautiful images you’ll see here were chosen with care, as each illustrates a somewhat different challenge and situation. Bonciu provides a specific tip based upon each photograph that will expand your vision and help you capture the essence and spirit of similar special moments.

This 11-minute episode is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and provide a heavy dose of inspiration. Along the way you’ll pick you some great advice on composition, exposure techniques, and even the best choice of gear. Bonciu also provides a list of the equipment he prefers in the description beneath the video.

After watching this episode think about the photographers you admire most, and devote time studying their work to determine why you find it so special. Then head over to Bonciu’s YouTube channel for more tips and tricks.

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