6 FUN Tricks for Shooting AMAZING Photos When You're Stuck at Home (VIDEO)

Just because you might be stuck at home lately, doesn't mean you can't shoot some incredible photos without leaving your front door. Our good friends at COOPH have come up with six creative ideas on how you can shoot amazing images while staying safe indoors.

"Stuck at home and are out of (creative) ideas?" COOPH asks. "Then check out this video for inspiring photo tips for when you’re in your own four walls. The COOPH photographers show you how to use everyday items, that you can find in every household, in a clever and original way. "

Here are the six tips and tricks COOPH demonstrates in the below video.

#1 Hiding at Home

#2 Still Life

#3 Light and Shadow

#4 Light Painting

#5 Portrait Your Hobby

#6 Through Your Window

Check it out and then hop on over to COOPH's channel for more great photo ideas. And if you're looking for more photo tricks you can do at home, here are 10 easy photo tip you can do with household items. If you're into bird photography, here are five ways to capture beautiful backyard bird photos.