5 Tips that Will Instantly Improve Your Landscape Photography (VIDEO)

Feeling in a funk about your landscape photography? Maybe you just need a jumpstart and photographer Mark Denney has some quick tips he says helped him "instantly" improve his own landscape photos.

"I was recently asked what the most important thing I've learned in landscape photography was, and needless to say, this question had me puzzled as to the best way to answer," Denney says. "I originally came up with a list of 11 photo tips, but after much thought, I ultimately ended up selecting the five that made the greatest impact on my photography. In this video, I review the five photo tips that made the most significant improvement on my landscape photography. Perhaps my favorite part about these five tips is that as soon as I began implementing them into my photography workflow the improvement was immediate."

Here's a rundown of the five tips that Denney discusses in the below landscape photography tutorial:

#1 Shoot Through the Event

#2 Preparation

#3 Arrive Early/Stay Late

#4 Know Your Camera

#5 Slow Down & Relax

Check out the Denney's video below and then go subscribe to his super helpful YouTube channel. Yesterday, we featured another of his videos that was a big hit with Shutterbug's readers: 5 Signs You're Overediting Your Photos.