5 Tips: How to Shoot "Pin Sharp" Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

If you're looking for some basic but helpful tips on how to shoot tack sharp photos of landscapes, a great place to start is the below video from photographer Attilio Ruffo. In the clip, which was shot at various locations around Lake Tahoe, Ruffo shares five tips on how to maximize sharpness in landscape photography.

But first, it's worth noting that at the beginning of the video, Ruffo is prevented from explaining his first tip in full when he's stopped by security while shooting video at South Lake Tahoe. He eventually gets permission to shoot there, but if you want to skip ahead to where the five tips begin, move to about the 3-minute mark of the video. (Never a dull moment when shooting on location!)

Here are Ruffo's five landscape photography tips on increasing sharpness in images:

#1 Select the Right Aperture

#2 Use a Tripod

#3 Remote Shutter Release

#4 Mirror Lock-Up

#5 Adjust the Viewfinder Diopter

Watch the video below where explains these tips at beautiful Lake Tahoe, and then go visit his YouTube channel for more helpful videos.