5 Tips on How To Get Awesome Night Portraits in Under Five Minutes (Shutterbug Video)

Shutterbug has teamed up with New York Times-best selling author/photographer Jordan Matter for a new series of How To videos called "Tips that Matter." In his first Shutterbug How To video below, Matter shares five great tips on how to shoot stunning portraits at night with very little gear.

For the video, Matter hit the New York City streets after dark with model/actress Juliet Garrett to show how easy it is to use available light to capture professional-quality portraits. Here’s a rundown of the five tips that Jordan and Garrett demonstrate:

Tip #1: Look Toward the (Street) Light

Tip #2: Storefront Windows Can Be Softboxes

Tip #3: Uses Lenses With Fast Apertures

Tip #4: Bright Clothing Pops At Night

Tip #5: Light from One Side for Rembrandt Lighting

Matter knows of what he speaks. His latest book is titled Dancers After Dark and he shot a video with Shutterbug last year where he photographed nude dancers in NYC using the Nikon D5

Check out the clip below and don’t forget to subscribe to Shutterbug’s YouTube channel for more great how to videos and gear news and reviews.