5 Tips to Help You Succeed as a Landscape Photographer (VIDEO)

Making it as a landscape photographer is no easy feat. First of all, there’s lots of competition from some very talented photographers. Second of all, everyone’s competing for a smaller piece of the photographic pie, monetarily speaking that is.

Someone who has “been there and done that” and learned quite a few valuable lessons along the way is Thomas Heaton. An accomplished landscape and travel photographer, Heaton has traveled the world capturing breathtaking vistas and scenes, some of which he has sold to newspapers and magazines.

How has he done it in the face of so much competition? In the below video he offers five tips on how to make it as a landscape photographer. Here are his tips which he explains in the video with the help of examples from his work.

#1 Quality Over Quantity – “Only publish your best work.”

#2 Create More Than an Image – “Think about the bigger story.”

#3 Be Original – “Do something a little bit different.”

#4 Don’t Be Shy – “Converse with other photographers.”

#5 Manage Your Ego – “There is no room for an ego in landscape photography.”

You can watch more of Heaton’s excellent video tutorials on his YouTube channel. We also suggest you watch this Shutterbug video, where we give five reasons why you should use a telephoto lens for landscape photos.

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