5 SECRET Camera Hacks that Are Incredibly Useful (2-Minute VIDEO)

Stories and videos with secret camera hacks aren't just fun, they can be super useful if you want to save time and money while getting awesome, fresh looks for your latest photo or video. In the quick, easy and eye-opening video below, Joris Hermans shares five camera hacks that he employs on a regular basis.

"I use these gear and camera hacks all the time in real life," Hermans says. "They're super useful for shooting commercials, b-roll and cinematic videos. Oh, and they'll also save you a bunch of money. "

Here are the five camera and photo gear hacks that he demonstrates in the two-minute video below. Several of these apply to shooting video but, with a little imagination, can also be used on still photography shoots.

#1 The Elevator

#2 The Perfect Drop

#3 DIY Spotlight

#4 The Swing

#5 Spin the Bottle

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And make sure you visit Joris Hermans' YouTube channel to see all his photography and videography tutorials.

Via DIY Photography