5 Quick and Simple Tips for Shooting Radiant Images of Fall Foliage

Photo Credit: Denis Belitskiy | Dreamstime.com

The following outdoor photography how-to story offering five quick tips for shooting fall foliage comes courtesy of Dreamstime.


1. Wide Angle for Full Effect

Photo Credit: Luciano Mortula | Dreamstime.com

If you have one, grab your wide-angle lens to try and capture as much of the scene as possible. Even when focusing on a single object, it's good to show the colorful background, which creates the right mood for the image.


2. Find the Backlight

Photo Credit: Brett Critchley | Dreamstime.com

The low sun in the late afternoon will give you some gorgeous backlighting for your leaves - it will really make them pop by giving them the appearance of a halo!


3. Search for Water

Photo Credit: Denis Belitskiy | Dreamstime.com

Look for lakes, rivers and ponds and play with reflections to make your images pop. Combine the saturated shadow of the leaves with the water level and try using a polarizing filter / neutral density filter.


4. Get Low… and High

Photo Credit: Rdonar | Dreamstime.com

Don't be afraid to crawl around on the ground to find the perfect spot to take a picture of a leaf or a chestnut shell. High perspectives are especially beautiful in the autumn as well, when you can see a landscape full of great colors. Consider climbing a tree or bringing a drone out to play.


5. Underexpose for Color Payoff

Photo Credit: Tatiana Shumbasova | Dreamstime.com

Underexpose your photos by a few stops to increase the saturation of the colors and bring out the autumn beauty. Overexposing the image will dull bright colors.


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