5 Pro Tips for FASTER Photography Outdoors (VIDEO)

Perhaps we’ve raised a few eyebrows with the headline above, since we constantly preach the importance of slowing down and taking a thoughtful approach when shooting in the field. But hold on for a moment, because the valuable advice you’ll learn in the tutorial below isn’t really a contradiction at all.

As you’ll see, there are a few things you can do to accelerate the shooting process, while still proceeding with calm and deliberation. Robin Wong is a respected photographer and educator based in Malaysia, and he provides five simple tips that you’ll wish you had thought of before.

One thing that can really slow you down is changing lenses when shooting in the dark. This can be particular annoying when using prime lenses because there’s only one focal length available, and it may not match the situation. The challenge when switching lenses in low light is aligning the red dot on the lens mount with the index on the camera.

Wong’s simple solution is to avoid the red dot and look at the electronic contacts on the back of the lens instead. That’s because they’re metal and thereby reflective—making them much easer to see in even a flicker of light. All you have to do is remember where they are relative to the index mark, and the problem is gone

Another trick Wong strongly recommends is to “leave your lens cap at home.” As he explains, interesting opportunities often pop up unexpectedly, and the small amount of time it takes to remove the cap and stash in in your pocket may cause you to miss the shot.

You can always keep the front element of your lens safe from damage by using a high-quality UV filter. Speaking of accessories, it’s important to not skimp when purchasing memory cards, because premium high-speed options are well worth the expense—especially if you frequently shoot in the Continuous Drive mode at fast burst rates.

Wong also explains how to speed up your photography by simplifying the shooting process. So take a close look, and then slow down and speed up the next time you’re out in the field!

Wong’s popular YouTube channel is full of great stuff, so be sure to take a look when you have time.

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