5 LONG-LENS Tips for Travel, Nature & Wildlife Photography (VIDEO)

Long telephoto lenses can be exciting to use, offering the unique ability to get in tight on distant subjects. But big glass doesn’t necessarily guarantee great photographs, unless you have the proper skills.

The quick video below from B&H Photo Video provides great advice for choosing the best long lens for your specific needs, and you’ll learn five “must-know tips” for achieving optimum results. Instructor David Swindler of Photo Actions Tours discusses helpful techniques for using long tele lenses for everything from travel, nature, and wildlife shooting, to landscape photography and more.

Swindler leads small-group workshops in Arizona, Utah, and the Pacific Northwest, and in barely 11-minutes he demonstrates many of the techniques that are popular with his students. With his expert advice, you’ll be able to quickly take your telephoto photography to the next level.

The tutorial begins with helpful advice for making an informed purchasing decision—whether you’re considering an upgrade or shopping for your first long telephoto lens. As Swindler says, “I love shooting with telephoto lenses for a variety of reasons: They allow me to capture great action shots, get up-close-and-personal with wildlife, and dramatically compress features in landscape scenes.”

Swindler’s has a few basic but very helpful tips for handling a long lens securely when shooting without a camera support. He also explains how to properly balance a cumbersome telephoto zoom on a tripod when you opt for maximum stability. Swindler discusses the importance of having a hood on your lens, and he reveals a few tricks for using this accessory.

With the basics out of the way, Swindler moves on to a few creative tips for giving your telephoto images a unique look. And the images he uses as examples will provide you with a heavy dose of inspiration.

You can find more helpful videos on the B&H Photo Video YouTube channel, and explore more of Swindler’s amazing imagery on his Instagram page.