5 Handy Lightroom Tips for Winning Photographs (VIDEO)

Whether you’re an experienced Lightroom user or just getting started there’s always something to learn. And if there are few easy-to-use methods that work wonders for photographers of all skill levels, that’s even better.

Today’s tutorial from Photoshop Café features five powerful (and perhaps unfamiliar) tips that you can start using today to transform ho-hum images into spectacular shots. Best yet, these winning techniques take barely nine minutes to explain.

Instructor Colin Smith is a specialist at all things Adobe, with a knack for simplifying important image-editing tasks. In this straightforward episode he discusses artificial intelligence (AI) and masking tricks, batch processing, color grading, and more. By the time you’re done watching you’ll be well prepared to tackle more involved techniques.

Smith begins with a simple method for using AI masks to apply a color gradient to the background of a photo, while adding a bit of lens flare for extra impact. The example he uses is a portrait with a boring gray background, but you can take advantage of this quick trick for all sorts of photos—indoors or out.

Tip #2 involves creating an AI mask to change the color of his model’s hair. But the real power of this one is the batch-processing trick he demonstrates for “using AI masks to retouch thousands of images instantly.” This one is a real timesaver, even if you only have a handful of photos to process.

Smith also reveals a versatile approach that he calls  “round trip integration.” Here he demonstrates “how to keep Lightroom adjustments in Photoshop and use Photoshop filters from Lightroom.” And for those who shoot video, Smith has a great color-grading tip for giving footage a compelling cinematic look.

You’ll also pick up simple advice for using Camera Raw, and learn a couple easy methods for removing dust and other distracting elements from your photos.

You’ll want to spend some time on Smith’s instructional YouTube channel, where there is a variety of editing tips and tricks.

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