5 Funtastic Photo Hacks for Fabulous Images (VIDEO)

Most of us consider photography a challenge, whereby we’re constantly striving to capture better images. But our craft should also be an enjoyable experience, and the quick video below provides five fun photo hacks that deliver unique results.

Vanessa Joy is an experienced portrait and wedding pro whose tutorials are always full of creative ideas. While the easy photo hacks she demonstrates here pertain to portrait photography, you can also use them for all sorts of images.

Explaining that her goal is “to get your creative juices flowing,” Joy provides five tricks in just three minutes that you can try at home. She begins by demonstrating how to add impact to an image by shooting through a colorful prop like a vibrant bouquet of flowers.

Joy employs other common household items to add creative effects, and you’ll see how a sheet of acrylic, a mirror, or a colored gel taped to a window can deliver eye-popping results. And with all of her tips, she provides exposure settings and the camera and lens used to get the shot.

One of our favorite tricks in the video is photographing a subject through a wet piece of glass. To see how it’s done, and watch Joy’s other four hacks, check out the three-minute video. Then head over to her YouTube channel for more creative ideas.

You can download Joy’s free posing guide in the description below the video, and be sure to check out another of her helpful tutorials, demonstrating several simple secrets for posing portrait subjects.