5 Fun Photos You Can Shoot in Your Hotel Room When It's Raining Outside (VIDEO)

Has this ever happened to you? You've gone on a photography trip, maybe even a vacation, and you're stuck inside your hotel room because there's miserable weather outside. Don't worry, there are tons of cool photos you can capture right inside your hotel room. You just have to use your imagination and your creativity.

Watch the below video where the photo team at COOPH suggests five awesome photos you can shoot in your hotel room.

"All checked in and nowhere to go? If rain is causing you pain, never fear because COOPH is here," the team from COOPH says. "Our team used the situation to their advantage, and with the help of the incredible features of the new Leica CL, we show you some epic photography tips that you can try without ever leaving your hotel room. On vacation, or even at home you can try these out for yourself."

Here are the five images you can shoot

#1 Still Life Luggage

#2 POV

#3 Recreate Classics

#4 Multiple Exposure

#5 Before & After

Watch the clip below and then go visit COOPH's YouTube channel for more fun photography videos.