5 Fun Photo Tricks for Smartphone Cameras (VIDEO)

Tired of taking the same old photos with your smartphone or camera? The clever folks from COOPH have put out a new video with fun “creative combinations” to help you shoot head-turning images that will go viral.

“Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration and that’s what we’re here for,” COOPH says. “In this video, we show you some quirky and unorthodox tips and tricks to create inspiring images, from making a portal into a mountain view, to superimposing a kiwi fruit onto a subject’s head to other ways you can get imaginative with your portraits.”

As with many of COOPH’s videos, the clip is mostly a visual presentation with photographers demonstrating the tricks without narration (though there is some text included to guide you along).

#1 Body Compositions

First composition: Ask your subject/model to kick a soccer ball while photographing them. Then select an image from the sequence showing a moment of action. Repeat it but this time photograph the hand of your subject moving. Combine the two shots and replace the body with the hands to create “dribbling hands.”

Second composition: Ask you model to stand still and take three shots of each body section. Then combine them together to create a “short” version of the person.

#2 Extended Reality

Take a photo of a mountain. Frame your phone in the scene. Mask your hands and the screen of the smartphone to make it appear the phone is blending into the mountain.

#3 Sizing

Take a shot of a tunnel. Then take another shot of your friend’s mouth. Put the two images together to make it appear that a car is going into your friend’s mouth tunnel.

#4 Portal

Rip a piece of paper. Ask a friend to hold it while you photograph it. Mask it and add a beautiful scene behind.

#5 Kiwi Head

Choose a fruit and cut it in half. This will be the “brain.” Call a friend to help you out. Add the kiwi to the top of your friend’s head.