5 ESSENTIAL Tips for Shooting Architectural Photos Like a Pro (VIDEO)

When all else fails, and you're out of fresh ideas, here's something fun to try for photos that are different from those you've made in the past: Take a tour of your town and give architectural photography a try.

Numerous opportunities abound, from soaring skyscrapers and majestic mansions, to cute cottages and more. You can even try your hand at interior shots by visiting museums and other public buildings where photography is permitted.

You won't need any special gear, but some professional advice always helps, and that's what you'll find in the tutorial below—designed for photographers of all skill levels who are new to this genre. After watching the episode and practicing what you learn, you'll soon be able to add "architectural photographer" to your list of specialties.

Steven Brooke as an award-winning architectural expert and instructor who has photographed over 40 books on this topic—nine of which he authored himself. In this 10-minute episode he has synthesized three decades of experience down to five "essential" rules for those new to the craft.

Tip number one is to "align the verticals" so they're not skewed. As Brooke puts it. "Nothing separates professional looking photos from everything else more than this basic rule." He provides both interior and exterior images to demonstrate why this rule is one you simply can't break, whether you're shooting a cottage, mansion, high-rise, or interiors big and small."

Rule #2 is to "use axial compositions with horizontals parallel to the frame to bring stability and order to your photographs." He notes why the wider the lens, the more important this technique becomes—primarily because distortion become more prevalent as focal lengths become shorter.

Next comes a tip that pertains to most forms of outdoor photography but is particularly important to this particular genre; namely "control the shadows." Hence, the importance of planning your shoot to take best advantage of sun angles and seasons. Brooke illustrates how taking this approach "will create depth, rhythm and articulation in your photos."

You'll have to watch the episode for more details on the foregoing, and to discover Brooke's other two rules. Suffice to say, they're all super easy to accomplish, and deliver great results. See what you think, and then get out there and give these tips a try.

If architectural photography strikes your fancy, head over to Brooke's YouTube channel where you'll find more in-depth lessons to help you progress. And don't miss the related tutorial we posted earlier from a French pro in Paris, with seven composition tips for epic cityscape photos.