5 Essential Items You Need for Landscape Photography, According to Top Pro Cheyne Walls (VIDEO)

If you're going out to shoot landscape photos, there are a few essential items you should bring with you (aside from your camera and lens, of course). Every professional landscape photographer has their must-have photo accessories and award-winning photographer Cheyne Walls is no exception.

In the below video, Walls teams up with The Slanted Lens to share his five essential photography items. In the clip, which you can see at the bottom of this post, he gives you a quick demo of how to use these five essentials in the wild:

#1 Tripod

#2 Remote Shutter Release

#3 Gradient Filter

#4 Hand-Held Light Meter

#5 Gray Card

While this gear might seem like no-brainers to experienced landscape photographers, you'll be amazed at how many beginners forget to bring must-haves like a tripod or a shutter remote. So watch the video and make sure you're landscape photography gear is good and packed for your next shooting excursion.

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