5 Easy Street Photography Tips from a Pro for Beginners (VIDEO)

Photographer Jason Vong teams up with pro street shooter Kenneth Hines Jr., aka Professor Hines, for the below video offering "5 priceless street photography tips form a pro." In the clip, Vong and Hines hit the streets of New York City to share these five tips for beginners: 

1. Prime Lenses

- Forces you to move your body & be a part of the image

2. Aperture Priority

- Don't waste time & photo ops changing settings

3. Surroundings

- Look for things that go unnoticed by people

4. Don't Be a Perfectionist!

- Sharpness isn't everything

5. Visualize the Final Image

- Take your photo & edit in your mind first

Watch the tutorial below and then go hit the streets today. And make sure to check out Vong's YouTube channel for more photography videos and Hines' Instagram page for more street photography images.