5 Easy Real Estate Photography Tips for Beginners (VIDEO)

If you want to make money shooting real estate photos or if you just want to take photos of real estate to sell your own house or apartment, the below tutorial from Benjamin Jaworskyj is a good way to learn the basics.

In the clip, Jaworskyj offers “5 simple tips for your to improve your real estate photography.” Here are the five tips he explains in the video:

#1 Clean Up

#2 Blue Sky

#3 Foreground

#4 Auto HDR Mode

#5 Wide-Angle Lens

While Jaworskyj’s video is a good start for aspiring real estate photographer, if you want more info, you should also watch this tutorial from Troy Nikolic on how to shoot quality real estate photos. If you’re looking for other ways to make money from your photography, check out this video from Sorelle Amore where she offers 31 different ways you can do just that.

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