5 Crazy Tricks in 3 Minutes for Shooting Photos with the WOW Factor (VIDEO)

When things get a bit dull we frequently turn to photographer Jordi Koalitic, who has an uncanny knack for coming up with simple tricks for creating amazing images. This quick tutorial is no different, as he demonstrates five easy tricks for shooting mind-blowing images at home.

Like other videos from Koalitic this one is a visual tutorial, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fun. He reveals the lens and camera used, as well as his exposure settings, to make the images easy to emulate. And you don’t need any special gear, other than some household and food items you may already own.

Koalitic begins by attaching a few sparklers to a spinning bicycle wheel to create a really awesome effect. Just make sure you try this one outdoors to keep everything safe. Next you’ll see him crack open a coconut, fill it with water (with some help from his dog), and use a fast shutter speed to capture a really impressive shot.

Other tricks include shoelaces with a bit of smoke, and an interesting portrait made with a spinning sparkler attached to an electric drill. There’s also a more conventional shot without props that owes its impact to a low perspective on a rainy day with water pooling on the street.

You can emulate these tricks in as little time as it takes to view the video, so take a look and give your photography a creative boost. There are more fun tutorials on Koalitic’s YouTube channel. And don’t miss another of his videos we posted, with 13 easy tricks for photographing performers.