4 Photographers Shoot the Same Model and Create a Variety of Interesting Portraits (VIDEO)

Here’s the latest episode in a viral series in which fashion pro Jessica Kobeissi and three other photographers take on the challenge of shooting the same model to see what they come up with.

These projects are interesting to observe, because they illustrate the way photographers choose their gear, set up a shoot, and create a variety of results under similar circumstances. While watching the video, you can pick and choose from among the techniques you like best

As always, the rules are simple: Each photographer chooses the camera they want to use, and selects the model’s wardrobe and a location for each setting. What makes the challenge even more interesting, is that the photographers only have three minutes to capture their shots.

In this this episode, Kobeissi is joined by fellow photographers Derrick Freske, Jerry Maestas, and Irene Rudynk—all of whom are experienced shooters with a unique style all their own. It’s a great lesson in working fast, and you'll pick up some valuable information on lens choice, posing techniques, and dealing with light.

You can find more portrait tips on Kobeissi’s YouTube channel. And be sure to look at another video we posted, with an earlier version of this challenge that contains links to two additional episodes..