4 Great Macro Tips: There Are More Options for Close-Up Photography Than Flowers, Jewelry & Bugs (VIDEO)

All photos ©Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

This is the time of year when many photographers pull out their macro lenses to capture close-up images of spring flowers and tiny critters. But as you’ll see in the video below from Nikon Europe, there’s a whole realm of other subjects that make for great macro shots.

In a series he calls “The Beauty of Rust,” Italian photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza offers four great macro tips while shooting small details on a rusting car in a Swedish “cemetery” for abandoned-vehicles. His images provide a stark contrast between the lush forest surrounding the site and the rusting decay of the cars.

The tips Panizza demonstrates are appropriate for all types of macro photography and should encourage you to look beyond common subjects like flowers and bugs to find something unique.

Panizza’s award-winning work extends far beyond macro photography, and you can view his beautiful wildlife, landscape and architectural images on his website. You can find more interesting videos on the Nikon Europe YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our detailed macro how-to from last spring.