3 YouTube Photographers Shoot the Same Model with Different Results (VIDEO)

Here's a fun video if you're a fan (or even if you not) of popular YouTube photographers Manny Ortiz, Anita Sadowska, and Irene Rudnyk. In the below clip, Ortiz, Sadowska, and Rudnyk take a trip into the desert outside Las Vegas, NV to photograph Ortiz' wife, the model and nurse Diana.

In Round 1, they head to Red Rock Canyon to photograph Diana in a white flowing dress. Sadowska goes first, followed by Rudnyk and then Ortiz. Part of the fun of this challenge are some of the photography tips that arise during the shoot such as, "When wearing a long dress, expose the knee to elongate the body."

After Round 1, the three share their best pix of Diana and, as you'll see, though the model and environment are the same, each photographer puts their own distinct style on their portraits. Round 2, is the same area in Red Rock Canyon but later in the day with softer light and Diana in a green, brown and orange dress. The comparison of portraits after this section shows how each of the three YouTubers approached the session differently.

Which one came out with the best shots? Well, that's a matter of opinion but check out this fun head-to-head-to-head shoot below and let us know what you think.