3 Types of Stunning Long Exposure Photos You Can Shoot in One Location

Shooting long exposure images can produce some very striking results. But there's not just one way to capture a long exposure shot that will get noticed.

In the below video, photographer Brendan van Son shows you how to capture three types of long exposure images in one location to produce three different stunning shots. The tutorial, which is part travelogue/part tutorial, was shot on location in in Sri Lanka in front of a classic old hotel.

"Long exposure photography is kind of what I do," van Son says. "I always seem to have the shutter speed open. We're in Sri Lanka running around, doing some travel photography. Right now, we're in the city of Kandy and I found the perfect place to play with some different shutter speeds and do a bit of a tutorial on three types of long exposure photography."

Watch the tutorial below and try out his three long exposure shots on your own afterwards. Then hop over to van Son's YouTube channel to see all of his photography videos.