3 Simple Tricks for Better Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

You don't, necessarily, need a fancy camera or a more expensive lens to capture better landscape photos. Most of the time, you just need better image composition skills. And in the below video, photographer Nigel Danson shares three simple tips that will have you composing photos like a landscape pro in no time.

"Do you find composition difficult?" Danson asks. "There are three steps I always follow that have made my photography easier. You can use them when out in the field to help you get better photos."

#1 Balance of Foreground, Midground and Distance

"The first thing that I always check is that the balance between the foreground, the midground and the distance is good," Danson says. "And the easy way to check that is usually your height and your distance from the subject. Moving forwards and back with your camera and tripod is going to make a reasonable difference to that balance."

#2 Take Care About What You Keep In

"The second check I always make is the edges of an image. And also, to make sure I've not got too much in the image that don't need to be in the image. Because it's always good to try and minimize thing in the image, I think. The less in a photo is usually better than more in a photo."

#3 Things Change; Double Check It Still Works

"If things have changed like the light or the clouds or the sea, sometimes that means you've got to change your composition. Don't get stuck in setting something up, checking everything's right but then the clouds might have changed, and it might mean that you need to put a wider angle lens on to get more clouds or something might need to change. It's better changing it now, getting the right shot and going through the steps again."

After you check out the video below – which was shot on the gorgeous Cornwall coast in England – go visit Danson's YouTube channel to see all his landscape photography tips.